Congratulations to Heidi Czerwiec, winner of the Robert C. Jones Prize for Short Prose

czerwiecWe are very pleased to announce Fluid States by Heidi Czerwiec was selected by Dinty W. Moore and will be published next year. Moore praised this book, saying “Fluid States¬†offers essays that are eclectic, unexpected, and entirely inventive. As the title suggests, the book flows briskly, a river infused with a keen intelligence and subtle wit, rendered in aromatic prose. One of the joys of reading is learning new details of our endlessly capacious world, and with her deeply-researched essays and enticing voice, Heidi Czerwiec delivers.”

We also would like to commend the other finalists and semi-finalists, whose manuscripts in our opinion were all outstanding and publishable.

Finalists: Beth Alvarado, Kiik Araki- Kawaguchi, Bradley Bazzle, Katharine Haake, Jen Hirt, Evan Lavender-Smith, Jill Logan, Laura Schwartz, Maya Sonenberg

Semi-finalists: Noelle Catharine Allen, Polly Buckingham, Nicole Cooley, Debra Di Blasi, Jehanne Dubrow, Kevin Ducey, Abby Frucht, Wendell Mayo, Jennifer Murvin, Eric Schlich, Dennis James Sweeney