More from Katy Didden!

Katy Didden’s new poem  “Eve of the Ascent” appeared in the most recent issue of 32 Poems Magazine. Kjerstin Kauffman praised the poem over on the 32 Poems blog saying:

“There’s a moment in “Eve of the Ascent” when the speaker’s thoughts move from Dante’s Purgatory to what’s immediate and in front of her: “Behind gnarly junipers our white tent flaps / in wind that would lift it a mile over the valley / had we not weighed it down with heavy stones.”

It’s a moment that took my breath away. I recognized the associative link between purgatorial soul and white tent, and perhaps also the biblical idea of tent as Tabernacle, the temporary dwelling place of the Most Holy. The poem moves gracefully between high and low registers, inviting us, without ostentation, to think of the speaker’s hiking trip in light of sacred text and epic tradition.”

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