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Activism, Poetry, and Crip Linguistics

Jul 16, 2019 | Interview, Unsung Masters,

Activism, Poetry, and Crip Linguistics: An Interview with the Editors of the New Unsung Masters Collection, Laura Hershey: On the Life & Work of an American Master. Laura Hershey was a vital, brilliant, and until now, lesser-known American poet, who, during her short life, was a major invigorating force in the movements for disability rights,…

An Interview with Jenny Molberg

Feb 16, 2018 | Interview, Unsung Masters,

by Savannah Bradley JENNY MOLBERG is the author of Marvels of the Invisible, which won the 2014 Berkshire Prize (Tupelo Press, 2017). Her work has appeared in Best New Poets, Poetry International, Ploughshares, Boulevard, Green Mountains Review, The Missouri Review, and other publications. She is assistant professor of creative writing at the University of Central Missouri, where she…

Interview with Benjamin Johnson

Apr 5, 2016 | Interview, Unsung Masters,

by Tera Swearngin Benjamin Johnson is an associate professor at the University of Central Missouri. His articles on modern poetry and culture have appeared in venues including Texas Studies in Literature and Language, Arizona Quarterly, and The Wallace Stevens Journal. How did you get interested in the work of Beatrice Hastings? I stumbled upon her while doing research for…

Coming Soon: Unsung Masters Volume 6

May 3, 2015 | Unsung Masters,

Check out what we’re about to send to the printer! Unsung Masters Volume 6 is coming your way in a few short weeks. This one is on Catherine Breese Davis and edited by Martha Collins, Kevin Prufer, and Martin Rock.

Interview with Phong Nguyen on Unsung Masters Series

Apr 29, 2015 | Interview, Unsung Masters,

By Luke McKiddy Recently Pleiades Press had the opportunity to talk with Phong Nguyen, contributor and editor for the third volume of the Unsung Masters Series, Nancy Hale: On the Life & Work of a Lost American Master. The contributors’ essays make it clear they have a great appreciation for Nancy Hale and her work. What…

Interview with Bruce Whiteman

Apr 8, 2015 | Interview, Unsung Masters,

by Rebeccah Ferbezar Bruce Whiteman is a poet and writer living in Toronto. Among his books are the collections Intimate Letter (ECW, 2014), Tablature (McGill-Queen’s UP, 2014), and The Invisible World Is in Decline, Books I-VI (ECW, 2006), as well as a translation of Tiberianus’ Pervigilium Veneris (Russell Maret, 2009). His literary criticism appears in…

AALBC reviews Russell Atkins

Jan 29, 2015 | Book Review, Poetry Books, Unsung Masters,

Robert Fleming over at African American Literature Book Club (AALBC) wrote a review of Russell Atkins’ collection, here’s a little bit of what he had to say: “This is an astounding tribute to one of the most innovative American artists, Russell Atkins, by a small, independent publisher, Pleiades Press. Prufer, a professor in the Creative…

Celebrating Russel Atkins

Jan 2, 2015 | Readings, Unsung Masters,

On October 25, East Cleveland Library hosted the event “Celebrating the Living Legend: Russel Atkins.” Here some clips. Enjoy!

New Pages review of Francis Jammes

Dec 7, 2014 | Book Review, Unsung Masters,

“The Unsung Masters Series published by Pleiades Press performs a remarkable service to writers whose work has been eclipsed for one reason or another during the ensuing decades after its original appearance. Each volume focuses upon a writer relatively unknown, providing a relatively quick, yet nonetheless detailed, summation of his or her biography along with…