How to Tell If You Are Human by Jessy Randall to be published in the Pleiades Press Visual Poetry Series

Pleiades Press is pleased to announce that after an open reading period during the summer of 2017, we have selected Jessy Randall’s How to Tell If You Are Human: Diagram Poems to be the fourth book published in the Visual Poetry Series. The book will be released in Fall 2018.

Jessy Randall is the author of the poetry collectiJessyRandallons Suicide Hotline Hold Music (Red Hen Press, 2016), There Was an Old Woman (Unicorn, 2015), Injecting Dreams into Cows (Red Hen Press, 2012) and A Day in Boyland (Ghost Road Press, 2007), a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. Her poems, poetry comics, and diagram poems have appeared in PoetryRattleMcSweeney’s, and Asimov’s.

Previous titles in the Visual Poetry Series include: In Between: Poetry Comics by Mita Mahato, Book of No Ledge by Nance Van Winckeland Poetry Comics from the Book of Hours by Bianca Stone.

A selection of Randall’s diagram poems can be seen online at Maudlin House